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Bakerloo Line Project wins Costain's Environmental Best Practice Award

Bakerloo Line Project wins Costain's Environmental Best Practice Award

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Specialist Plant Associates have contributed to the environmental impact of the Bakerloo Line Link project, which has been awarded the Environmental Best Practice award in the Costain Rail Sector Best Practice Completion 2015.

The overall aim of the Bakerloo Line link Project is to enable short and direct interchange between the Paddington Crossrail station and the LUL Bakerloo Line station, whilst reducing existing congestion. This will be achieved by the construction of a new tunnelled pedestrian link incorporating escalators,, lifts, stairs and new passageways.

Ventilation Solution

SPA's team of engineers produced a design, which allowed ventilation of the royal mail tunnels where CSJV and subcontractor Joseph Gallagher were digging timber headings.

Due to logistical reasons and fresh air requirements, the fans were located on the first floor, which meant running the ducting system down a number of floors using the Royal Mail post chutes (a narrow spiral chute with awkward access for ducting), which were originally used for transporting large quantities of letters.

SPA were able to design and calculate a system for running ducts of various lengths and specifications and provided the equipment needed to the job, such as a Super-silenced fan and de-duster for the initial shaft work (which helped to control noise and dust) and ducting.