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Temporary Ventilation Design and Fan Supply to Crossrail

Temporary Ventilation Design and Fan Supply to Crossrail


Crossrail is a large infrastructure project on London's Underground system, designed to expand the tunnel networks and ease congestion and improve journey times across London. The service links 40 stations between Reading and Heathrow in the west, to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east via 21km of new twin-bore tunnels. Throughout the Crossrail project, Specialist Plant have been supplying a vast majority of Crossrail contractors with robust, temporary ventilation equipment to suit their needs. These have varied from 300mm dia. ducted fans, up to 1500mm dia. jet fans, with many contractors being referred to Specialist Plant by Crossrail for all ventilation design requirements and dust control measures.

We have also worked specifically with the clients on noise reduction, as most ventilation fans have a tendency to be quite noisy whilst running. This can be both hazardous in enclosed spaces and an annoyance to site neighbours. Therefore, we design a 'super-silenced' enclosure for our ventilation systems, which allows the fans to run at a fraction of noise compared with ordinary silencers. This has become increasingly popular in ventilation design in London as a result.

Equipment we have supplied

Whilst providing 'Super Silenced' Ventilation Fans for the Crossrail project, we have also supplied: 'Dry' De-Dusters, 'Wet' De-Dusters, Jet fans, Ducted Fans and portable Air moving Fans.