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Specialist Plant offers a huge range of equipment with all most of our products and equipment designed, fabricated, built and tested within our premises in Wellingborough. When selecting equipment it is important to consider the durability and its ability to meet short and long term needs and at SPA all of our equipment is robust, safe and built to last! 

Self-Tipping Skips

Self-Tipping Skips

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This range of skips benefit from a simple new feature, which allows skips to be easily tipped.The clear latching system ensures that all personnel operating the skip can clearly see when the bride is locked into position, which helps the load to be lifted correctly each time, increasing safety and helping to prevent accidents. The Self-Tipping Skip can be controlled remotely, allowing workers to stand clear during the tipping process.

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Remote Skipping

Self-Tipping Feature

Robust design to last the harshest of site conditions

7.5m³ (MGW 20Te)
6.25m³ (MGW 17.5Te)
4.5m³ (MGW 13Te)
3m³ (MGW 8Te)
1.75m³ (MGW 5Te)


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